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“If Paper Mill Playhouse’s Sister Act were opening on Broadway this season, it would win the Tony Award. Audiences should flock to this production which is perfection in every way and will have you leaving the theatre smiling from ear to ear.”

Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles (Sister Act, Paper Mill Playhouse)


“There's so much to love about the dynamic cast. The members capture their distinctive roles, perform the musical numbers with verve, and they have impeccable comedic timing that keeps you enjoying every minute of the show.”

Marina Kennedy, (Sister Act, Paper Mill Playhouse)




"There is also fantastic humor in Alice's office with

assistants Lucy (Rachelle Rose Clark) and Daryl...who

delight us with hilarious takes on their boss and the

publishing business"

Don Grigware, (Lucy, Bright Star, Musical Theatre West)

"Last but not least, Dietz and Clark provide sassy, citified comic relief while making "Another Round", Bright Star's politically incorrect song-and-dance celebration of alcoholism and its many rewards, a show-stopping treat."

Steven Stanley, Stagescene LA (Lucy, Bright Star, Musical Theatre West)

"Broadway veteran Amy Bodnar...alongside Rachelle Rose Clark...these two uniquely gifted performers give remarkable turns, especially Ms. Clark's lovely 'I Have a Dream'."

Ken Klingenmeier, (Sophie, Mamma Mia!, Beef & Boards)

"Rachelle Rose Clark carries to the Forestburgh stage a lovable Regina. She's a character destined to win the hearts and minds of theatre goers."

J. A Di Bello, (Regina, Rock of Ages,Forestburgh Playhouse)

"...Clark's dainty demeanor coupled with good humor and chemistry makes her role in this romantic roundabout simply de-lovely."

Nick Bailey, Texas Lifestyle Magazine (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"...Clark gives this ingénue the much needed backbone to get what she wants."

 Nyderah Williams, (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"Rachelle Rose Clark exudes sincerity as Hope, singing with sweetness and character."

 Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"Clark brings a compelling youthful vulnerability to Hope, a character that is often little more than a plot device. The duo is at its best when they are twirling about the stage in a romantic song and dance."

Matt Tamanini, (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"Rachelle Rose Clark is appropriately delicate and endearing as Hope."

Scott Cain, (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour)


"The first act..came most alive during the Astaire and Rogers-like dancing on 'Easy to Love' and 'It's De-lovely'...Rachelle Rose Clark

as Hope, the ingenue, sang and danced just beautifully, and was another high spot."

Christopher Henley, (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"She shines on "Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye."

Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 


"Rachelle Rose Clark displays a lovely voice in 'Goodbye Little Dream Goodbye'."

Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour)  



"Rachelle Rose Clark brings a translucent grace to the role of debutante Hope Harcourt.."

Gina Jun, (Hope Harcourt, Anything Goes National Tour) 



"Deliciously kooky Clark stealing every scene she’s in as zippy, zingy Christmas Eve..." 

 Steven Stanley, StagesceneLA  (Christmas Eve, Empire Theatre) 


"...beginning with the exquisite Clark, the very definition of innocence mixed with pubescent desire as Wendla. Seeing the long-tressed, delicately featured Clark as Spring Awakening’s naive heroine, it seems hard to believe that it’s the same actress who made the outrageous Christmas Eve entirely her own creation in the recent Avenue Q. Clark makes Wendla her own as well, and it’s truly lovely work..."

Steven Stanley, StagesceneLA (Wendla, Empire Theatre) 


"Sublime ingenue...What really holds this production together is the performance of Ms. Clark. Like a swan she is graceful, mesmerizing and, especially in her evening dress, she captures both the beauty and vulnerability required of the perfect ingenue. In short, her timing is impeccable; her transitions are honest and mercurial; she really listens; she is 'in the moment' all the time. She is devine."

Alex Henteloff, CASA Magazine (May, Circle Bar B) 











  Best Performance by a Lead Actress—Musical (Spring Awakening, Wendla)          StageSceneLA Scenies 

  Best Actress—Musical (Spring Awakening, Wendla)                                                     Golden Rain News

  Best Ensemble Cast Performance—Musical (Avenue Q, Christmas Eve)                       StageSceneLA Scenies 

  Outstanding Production—Musical (Avenue Q, Christmas Eve)                                  StageSceneLA Scenies 

  Best Ensemble Cast Performance—Musical (Spring Awakening, Thea)                     StageSceneLA Scenies

  Outstanding Actress of the Year                                                                                      Dos Pueblos 

  Outstanding Jazz Vocalist                                                                                                  Dos Pueblos

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